House flooding


Tuesday 28 June 2022 9:04 AM

Location: 3102 Clark Rd, Imperial, CA, USA

Categorie: Water


There was water rushing in our home that caused many life to be at danger. Because the IID let the canal run full of water with no one to control the water pressure. It ruined my house my food And the biggest concern is my 80 year old grandmother and father that is handicap and was getting Electrify with water and electricity. The IID has done nothing but give us the run around And torturous us by placing a lock on the canal and we are not able to get water. We are IID customers for over 25 years. We need some help please.

Administrator Comment:

9/06/2022: The date on this report does not match the date it was recieved. This report was recieved by IVAN on Sunday August 21, 2022. On September 6, 2022 this report has been forwarded to Imperial County Environmental Health.



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